Shipping and returns policy


  1. All new customer orders shall be charged C.O.D. or Credit Card. Terms of 30 days will be allowed after credit approval.

  2. All orders are F.O.B. from our warehouse.

  3. We trust Canpar with our shipments for their efficient delivery.

  4. Minimum required orders are of $500.

  5. Due to currency fluctuations, prices are subject to change without notice.

  6. Upon approval, «manufacturer defect» only shall be accepted as authorized returns. The defective item must be returned in its original packaging free of any retail marking & tags 30 days maximum after the purchase. Due to health issues, used items shall be denied of any credit.

  7. These companies offer an extended warranty when the consumer purchases the product: Lelo (1 year), Picobong (1 year), Extase (1 year), leaf (1 year), Vanity (1 year), Key (1 year), Fun Factory (2 year) and Jimmy Jane (3 year). How to proceed when a consumer returns a defective product to the retailer: the consumer needs his proof of purchase.  If the warranty is still valid (please refer to the warranties named above) and if the product is defective (make sure you verify it), the retailer can replace the item. He must then return the item to Landco Import for a refund or a credit.

All Products contained herein are sold as novelty items only.

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