How do I open an account with Landco Import, erotic products distributor ?

You must fill a form that you shall sign and return to us. This opening account request cannot be found on the site because you need to send us back the original copy. Please contact our consultant for more information on how to open an account. 

Can I order my erotic products on line ?

Before placing your first on line order, you must contact Michel Dell'Aniello to obtain a password. Further to obtaining your password, you can quickly order erotic products through the Lando Import site.

Is a minimal amount required to place an order ?

You must place a minimum amount order of sexy products totalizing $500 to order on line.

What methods of payment do you accept ?

We accept the following methods of payment: Visa, Mastercard and Cash.

What are the terms and conditions ?

You may request a credit term of net 30 days, but you must first fill a credit form. If you are approved further to a credit survey you can pay net 30 days, otherwise, the invoices are payable on receipt.

How do you price the shipment of an order ?

The prices are established based on the transportation company's standards, thus according to the weight and destination of the shipments.

In general, what is the delivery lead time ?

Generally, our consultant will make sure that your order leaves the warehouse within 48 hours. From that point on, the delivery lead time depends on the final destination of the box.

Which transportation company are you dealing with ?

We do business with Purolator

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