At Landco, we are more than just a distributor of erotic products.

Indeed, our principal function is to satisfy our clients' requirements by offering them the largest range of erotic products and sexy toys in Canada.




Landco Import Canada's team holds a fortunate place amongst the single market of erotic products. It is built around specialists that are constantly on the lookout for the of the hour trends while trying to be out in the front for customers who are requiring new intimate experiences.

Landco Import figures among the first distributors in Canada to demystify erotic products and has at the same time contributed to the expansion of the erotic stores throughout the entire country.

Today, our vision of this market's future is even more optimistic than it was ten or twenty years ago.

You can count on our team to help you either with the selection and marketing of your erotic products or with the design and implementation of your store and even, with the development of a unique erotic product.


The anus has long been the most taboo erogenous zone among the
heterosexual men. It is now time to consider it as an equally important orifice.
After all, that is where is located the men's G spot! The unique design of this
accessory stimulates the prostate from inside and outside simultaneously.
The inner part is soft, pleasant and adequately curved to achieve its goal.
Don't forget to lubricate!

Femme d'aujourd'hui, Volume 13, no 4 p.33

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