About us

our story

Landco Import Canada has been a pioneer in its field for over more than 25 years selling erotic products and accessories, and is now the most important distributor of sexy toys in Canada. 
Landco has set itself apart from the competition owing to its intuition for detecting the trends and its ability to follow the evolution of a clientele who knows what it desires. We offer a wide range of erotic products of all kinds, from the typical lubricant to the most sophisticated erotic accessories.
Landco Import figures among the first distributors in Canada to demystify erotic products and has at the same time contributed to the expansion of the erotic stores throughout the entire country. Today, our vision of this market's future is even more optimistic than it was ten or twenty years ago.

our mission

At Landco, we are more than just a distributor of erotic products.Indeed, our principal function is to satisfy our clients' requirements by offering them the largest range of erotic products and sexy toys in Canada.
Each and every one of the erotic products we offer is carefully selected with our supplier with the ultimate goal to satisfy our most demanding customers. Official distributor of more than 200 erotic stores throughout Canada, Landco Import Canada thrives to be the sales representative and distributor of the most renowned brands of erotic product from all around the world. 
Whether they come from Japan, China, Austria or the United-States, these erotic products represent the largest inventory ever offered by a Canadian distributor.